Watering Schedule

Native landscape uses only quality Irritrol Raindial & Total Control time clocks & thought it would be a good idea to give you as much information on programming your clock as possible. Below is a general schedule according to the season. Remember.... everyone's house is different, and it is your job to know your time clock . If you don't have a manual for your time clock, click the above Irritrol button to down load a free manual .

Factors which may effect the following schedule:

Night temperatures, humidity, soil type, exposure, size & quantity of emitters or sprinkler heads.

The following schedule is for established plants at least 6 months old.


  • Winter- December through February:
    Shrubs 2-4 hours every 8-10 days.
    Trees 4-6 hours every 12-15 days.
  • Spring- March through May:
    Shrubs 2-4 hours every 5-7 days.
    Trees 4-6 hours every 9-11 days.
  • Summer- June through August:
    Shrubs 2-4 hours every 2-4 days.
    Trees 4-6 hours every 5-8 days.
  • Fall- September through November:
    Shrubs 2-4 hours every 4-6 days.
    Trees 4-6 hours every 8-10 days.

The following schedule is for established lawns at least 2 months old.

  • Winter- Rye grass:
    Small heads10-18 minutes every 3-7 days.
    Large heads 25-45 minutes every 3-7 days.
  • Summer- Bermuda grass:
    Small heads15-45 minutes every 2-5 days.
    Large heads 25-60 minutes every 2-5 days.

Keep two things in mind when setting your timer:

  • Water as long as possible.
  • Spread the days inbetween waterings as far apart as possible.
Fertilization Schedule
Established plants & trees

Fertilize as directed with Ammonium Sulfate or any all purpose plant fertilizer(Bakers Blend @ Baker's Nursery) 3 times a year March, June, & September. Make sure you work it into the soil around the plant or tree with a small hand rake & deep water afterwards.

Established lawns

Fertilize every 4 to 6 weeks during the growing season. Use a complete fertilizer with a 3-1-2 ratio of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, ie 21-7-14 or 15-5-10. Don't forget to deep water afterwards . I recomend Turf Royal a great slow release fertilizer wich can be purchased at any Sprinkler World or Turf Irrigation(32nd St. south of Greenway).

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